Auto Present Doors (v2)

Packing List

  1. Door Handle Unit * 4

  2. Zip Tie

  3. Screws * 12

  4. Driller * 1

  5. Door Handle Protection Film * 4


Recommended Tools



Step 1 - Follow the Soft Closing Doors instructions to run the wires

Run power, ground and CAN wires to each of the doors

Step 2 - Follow the Soft Closing Doors instructions to get access to the door handle

Remove the door panel and window glass on each door you are going to install

Step 3 - Remove the OEM Door Handle

Remove the waterproof covers from the door panel

Remove the 3 screws of the door handle

Now you can remove the door handle assembly

Step 4 - Install the Auto Present Unit

Push the clips and remove the plastic piece as shown below

Remove the hinge (it can be metal / plastic depending on car year)

Now you can remove the door handle

Remove the 2 screws holding the sensor

Drill 2 holes to fit the metal plate.


Assemble the auto present unit with the door handle

Step 5 - Assemble the Door

Plug the OEM door handle wire to the connector in our kit, then the other end or connector to the original connector.

Install the handle assembly to the door panel

Caution: While installing the window glass, use the bolts with 2 washers we provided instead

If your door handle is a standalone kit, install the controller at the plastic piece. (For those who also purchased soft closing doors, the controller is embedded int the lock unit).